The DCR Foundation is based in North Carolina, but has no boundaries.  Just like stroke.  There are no limits to who can become a stroke victim.  Stroke can cause severe damage or loss of life to anyone, regardless of race, age or sex.  Stroke knows no boundaries.  Neither does the DCR Foundation.  We are here to help educate, to help raise the level of awareness, and ultimately to help save lives.  

Our mission is to reduce the incidence and intensity of strokes that occur each year through education, stroke prevention and awareness.

Our vision is to increase the level of education in our schools to ensure that our younger generations understand that stroke can be prevented through lifestyle changes within their power.  We’d also like to enable victims of stroke to receive proper care resulting in lower mortality rates and fewer victims becoming permanently disabled or dependent on others.


  • Education for prevention and awareness
  • Support network/advocacy to create a network for stroke victims and their families.
  • Legislation


“Strokes in young adults under the age of 35 are on the rise.  This is directly related to lifestyle choices made by this age group over the last 25 years.  Unless they make positive lifestyle changes now, stroke rates will continue to increase”.

Dr. Rashid M. Janjua